Spring Fling

The Mull of Galloway Trust were very pleased to welcome the Spring Fling Rural Mural Artists and visitors to the Mull of Galloway for the Spring Fling festival.

The Trust were determined to be involved in this festival and to source some “unexpected items” to be painted. One of the Directors of the Mull of Galloway Trust very kindly donated his Slurry Tanker for the weekend and a small boat was sourced locally. Members of “I love Drummore” group on Facebook very kindly helped out and a member of the local community supplied the floats and life rings for this event.

Spring Fling Rural MuralAmy Whiten and Ali Wyllie from Recoat worked together to paint a small boat and accompanying floats. Ali painted the boat in a vibrant, colourful world war two “dazzle” pattern and Amy painted the floats to sit alongside the boat as a group of fishermen and a Lighthouse keeper. Her sketched drawings soon became a colourful reality as the floats were spray painted and the characters began to appear.

Alongside them Fraser Gray painted the Slurry Tanker in his “Toxic Tartan” mural. He created the colourful tartan effect using layers of fine spray paint and templates.

It was also a pleasure to welcome BBC Radio 4 to interview the artists about their work and the Spring Fling Festival. Maureen Chand, Chairperson of the Mull of Galloway Trust and Alison Smith, Marketing Officer were interviewed at the top of the lighthouse tower about the murals, the community buy-out and why it was so important to be involved in the Spring Fling Festival. The Radio 4 show “Open Country” will be on air in July and available on the BBC Iplayer.

Spring Fling Rural Mural Spring Fling Rural Mural Spring Fling Rural Mural