International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend 2015 and more!

The weekend of 15th and 16th August 2015 was International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend and the Mull of Galloway celebrated this with a series of talks, RSPB walks and pirates and scallywags in Gallie Craig. The sun was shining all weekend, the views were amazing and we had lots and lots of visitors climbing the lighthouse and visiting the exhibition.

The talks took place in the RSPB Visitor centre and were free of charge to attend. There were tales from former lighthouse keepers, we learned about U boats and shipping losses around the Wigtownshire coast during World War 1, the role of the Northern Lighthouse Board and life and death on Little Ross Island near Kirkcudbright. The talks were fascinating and very informative.

International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend 2016 takes place over the weekend of 20th and 21st August 2016 so keep an eye on our website to hear our plans.

Lighthouse Keepers for International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend at the Mull of Galloway  U Boats and Shipping Losses, Wigtownshire Gallie Craig, Mull of Galloway

Climb the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse

RSPB Mull of Galloway


BMW Motorrad Visit

The Mull of Galloway welcomed a group of motorbike enthusiasts last Saturday afternoon on their two day ride-out. The bikers from BMW Motorrad of Dalkeith had organised their Dumfries and Galloway road run on the coastal route to their destination at the Mull of Galloway. They stopped off at various coastal locations along the way and enjoyed lunch at Marrbury Smokehouse before continuing on their route to Scotland’s most southerly point.
The impressive BMW motorbikes were parked on the lawn by the lighthouse for a photo opportunity and the bikers were delighted to visit the top of the lighthouse for a birds eye view of their bikes. They all enjoyed an ice cream at Gallie Craig before heading off to Portpatrick for their overnight stay.
Groups and vehicle enthusiasts are welcome to visit the Mull of Galloway and this can be arranged by contacting the Mull of Galloway Trust on

BMW motorbikes at the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse








Motorrad BMW Bikers at the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse







Unveiling of the Commemorative Stone

On Sunday 16th August our commemorative stone was unveiled by Betty Beck of Castle Clanyard, Drummore. The stone commemorates the purchase of the Mull of Galloway at Scotland’s most Southerly point by the Mull of Galloway Trust on 4th July 2013.
The stone was kindly donated by the Beck family of Castle Clanyard and the inscription was funded by a donation from former Drummore resident Barbara Reid.

Mull of Galloway Community Buyout








Mull of Galloway Trust









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